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Hi, this is Mike Liebner and I would like to welcome you to Remarketing Profits!

As the web matures, many new and exciting technologies are available to webmasters to help them get impressions from visitors that are more targeted than ever.

Remarketing aka Retargeting for example, allows webmasters to place code on their pages that will help identify visitors who have visited the page(s) with the code so that in the future advertisements can be shown to them when they visit other different web sites.

It's very simple if you want it to be, or can be very complex with many options for super specific targeting.

For example you can put the one catch all code site wide and simply collect all vistors as having visited - or you can create multiple "lists" each labeled to indicate specifically what your vistors have done on your site - ie signed up - checked out - watched a video - looked at an article or product, made a purchase etc.

Remarketing Profits is all about explaining the ins and outs of this exciting new ad delivery technology so that you can benefit from the incredible conversions that showing ads to people who already know you can bring.


SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER conversions than regular advertising if you do it right!

Retargeting (aka remarketing) is simply amazing! If you are not placing the remarketing code on your pages yet - then you really need to get started so you can compile your personal list of retargeting visitors.

Even if you don't start showing ads to them right away, this list of YOUR VISITORS which you are starting to compile as people visit your site will be waiting for you when you feel the time is right to advertise the perfect message to them!

"We miss you! Come back to ____ and see the special discount we have on ____"


"Special FREE ______ for all vistors of _______."

Your ads are even more effective when visitors recognize you! That is because they have already been to your site! They know you and are more likely to click if they are still interested in what they originally came for!

The thing is - if you do not put the code on your page right now - you are missng out on tagging EVERY visitor who is on your site. You lose the opportnity to show an ad to them later. It's gone forever if they don't come back on their own.

And stats show that a great majority of people who abandom shopping carts or even visit your site DO NOT come back. So what do you have to lose by tagging them and reminding them about your site!

Have you ever seen a banner for a familiar website or brand follow you around?

Some call this stalking - but most people appreciate seeing the targeted ads they are interested in. It actually impoves the web surfing experience by having ads shown that are of interest rather, than being bombarded with ads that make no sense.

If you've spent any time surfing the web it's more than likely you've been followed by remarketing ads that know you are a good candidate to take action! It's really catching on in a big way because there is no greater lead or prospect than a visitor who has already visited one of your web pages!

Learn more about remarketing at Google. They have this capability neatly available in their Adwords advertising prgram.

Sign up and create your free Adwords account so you are ready to start placing remarketing code on your web pages.

Soon e will have videos that will show you how to get stare wih remarketin and retargeting. We will have loads of tips and tutorials in the next phase of our launch.

Bookmark us now and check in regularly or we might just have to follow you around and show you ads asking you to PLEASE COME BACK AND VISIT US!

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